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Construction Tech PR – What Are ConTech PR Best Practices?

Introduction In the dynamic world of construction technology (ConTech) startups, securing funding is a crucial milestone. Naturally, founders want to celebrate and publicize these achievements to build credibility and momentum. However, the decision to engage in PR around funding rounds should be approached with thoughtfulness and nuance. This article explores

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Paul Richards - Gurbuild - modern methods of construction (MMC)

Paul Richards – GURBuild – Q&A

This Q&A is taken from the full podcast episode we recorded with Paul. Q: Can you briefly describe your background in construction and why you founded GURBuild? A: I have a 40+ year background in construction, starting from when I was a kid. Around 2010, I got involved in the Retrofit for Future program and could see that solutions for retrofitting houses should first be tried in new builds. In 2017, I got involved in a program in Cornwall looking

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Jeevan Kalanithi

Jeevan Kalanithi – OpenSpace – Q&A

This Q&A is taken from the full podcast episode we recorded with Jeevan. Q Can you tell us about your background and what led you to co-found OpenSpace? A: My passion for artificial intelligence and building products that make people’s lives better has been a driving force throughout my career. I studied AI at Stanford and MIT, and co-founded my first startup, which I later sold. I then became the president of 3D Robotics, North America’s largest drone company. Through

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Owen Drury Martin Piekarz

VC Billions to Startup Gold: Celebrating 2 Years

Think construction tech, think robots laying bricks, AI designing your dream home, and a whole industry turned on its head. We’re not just talking about this stuff – it’s happening. And we’re bringing you the inside scoop from the masterminds behind the Billions – and those Venture Capitalists who’re sniffing a fortune. This is the podcast that brings it all to you. And we’re celebrating 2 years by taking you behind the scenes.  Picture this: two young lads from London

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