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Lisa Giuffra Diaz turf advisory construction tech investing

This Q&A is taken from the full podcast episode we recorded with Lisa.

Q: What do you look for when investing in construction technology startups?

A: At Turf Advisory, we focus on three key factors: 1) Product-market fit: does the technology solve a real pain point in the industry? 2) Founder’s ability to communicate their value proposition effectively. 3) Founder’s grit and discipline to persevere through challenges.

Q: How important is cash flow management for construction tech startups, especially in the current economic climate?

A: Cash flow management is crucial, particularly in an environment with rising interest rates. Founders need to be disciplined with their capital and make sure every dollar is spent wisely. Even if a startup has raised significant funds, it’s essential to operate as if capital is scarce.

Q: What are some unique challenges in the construction industry when it comes to adopting new technologies?

A: The physical nature and bespoke aspects of construction projects make it harder to adopt new technologies compared to asset-light industries. Each project has unique requirements, making standardization difficult. Additionally, the risk-reward balance is different; a software bug may require a simple update, but a failure in construction can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Q: How can construction tech startups drive successful adoption of their solutions?

A: Successful adoption requires buy-in from both leadership and the boots-on-the-ground workers who will use the technology. Startups should focus on solving real pain points that matter to the end-users. Tactics like providing food/coffee at job sites and having an on-site “tech bar” can help drive worker adoption by creating a welcoming environment for learning about new tools.

Q: What are some major trends you see in the construction technology space?

A: Some key trends include: 1) Consolidation of solutions into a single pane of glass for easier management. 2) Growing importance of meeting diversity (MWBE) goals, especially for public sector projects. 3) Emphasis on solutions that drive technology adoption among workers. 4) Using technology to attract younger talent to the construction industry.

Q: What life lessons have you gained from your experience with rowing, and how do they apply to business?

A: Rowing has taught me the importance of measured, steady progress rather than trying to move too fast. Patience, discipline, and consistent effort are essential for success in both sports and business. Having a clear motivation and being able to push through unpleasant or challenging situations is crucial. Just as in rowing, in business, you need to have the right people in the boat, working together towards a common goal.

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