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Bricks & Bytes Podcast

#015 – George Dobbins – Building the Best Leadership Teams & BETA


How do you build the most effective c-suite and executive leadership team?

Today, we speak with @George Dobbins, Co-Founder of @Beaumont Bailey and Mentor at @Pi Labs.

Listen in to hear George’s advice on:

  • Building effective leadership teams
  • Key mistakes when starting up and building your c-suite
  • George’s relationship with an ex Dragon (from Dragon’s Den)
  • Recommendations on the best restaurants in the UK


In releasing this podcast, we are also delighted to announce our partnership with @beta.

BETA is the UK’s leading build environment & technology networking platform. Their main aim is to connect traditional industry with technology partners as well as connecting construction & proptech companies with advisors, VC’s, angel investors, technology partners AND contacts at some of the top corporations in the UK, Europe and globally.

More info in the comments.

Thanks for all your support on the podcast so far. We have more exciting guests lined up in the coming months.

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