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#020 – Mark Hurst – Scaling your startup & Proptech Espresso


On todays show we welcome Mark Hurst who runs HurstX.
Mark has worked as tech executive, investment banker, management consultant and held operations and business development positions in the proptech space.

In this episode we deep dive into:

  • Scaling companies
  • Sales
  • Advisory roles
  • Web3 applications within proptech space

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Link to the Mark’s substack:


Mark Hurst – CEO at HurstX Solutions and host of Proptech Espresso Podcast


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(00:00:00-00:01:34) – Intro

(00:01:34-00:02:17) – Sponsor

(00:02:17-00:05:32) – History of Mark Hurst journey in Proptech

(00:05:32-00:07:45) – Networking as a significant part of Mark’s journey

(00:07:45-00:10:13) – Mark’s definition of Proptech

(00:10:13-00:11:22) – Real estate industry as the biggest asset in the world

(00:11:22-00:14:37) – History of Mark’s Proptech Espresso Podcast

(00:14:37-00:19:24) – What are the key tips that you could give to people involved in sales within the industry?

(00:19:24-00:22:10) – Engagement with customer as a critical part of the sales process

(00:22:10-00:25:10) – Why would someone want to partner with Hurst Tech?

(00:25:10-00:28:15) – Is there any process that you follow when working with founders and startups?

(00:28:15-00:31:15) – Things that help you grow your business

(00:31:15-00:35:13) – Mark’s thoughts on Web3 in the real estate industry

(00:35:13-00:36:33) – Construction use cases for blockchain

(00:36:33-00:39:20) – Web3 in residential and commercial construction

(00:39:20-00:40:54) – If you had an unlimited budget where would you invest it?

(00:40:54-00:41:38) – What book could you recommend?

(00:41:38-00:42:28) – More about Mark

(00:42:28-00:42:45) – Outro

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