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January 13, 2023

#021 – April Moss & Lynne Cooper – Blockchain, Leadership and Female Success In Construction Tech

#021 - April Moss & Lynne Cooper - Blockchain, Leadership and Female Success In Construction Tech

Show Notes

How do you enjoy a fulfilling career in construction and the tech world?

Join us today in our discussion with Apil and Lynne of Digibuild.

In this episode we deep dive into:

  • Blockchain uses in Construction and Digibuild’s software
  • Attracting gen z talent to blue collar jobs
  • Diversity and female success in construction
  • Maintaining balance in life
  • Lynne’s top 3 pieces of advice for young people

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April Moss – COO | Chief Customer Officer at DigiBuild: Y Combinator Backed (YC S21) l Blockchain Technology l Construction Management l Crypto & Bitcoin Investor l Business Development

Lynne Cooper – Management & Construction | cGMP * R&D * CGT | Founder | Strategy | Innovator | Woman Welder👩‍🏭 | Power in the trades! | Technology for Efficiency | Collaboration is 🔑 | Blue Collar Revolution! | Improve Quality


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(00:00:00-00:01:27) – Intro and Sponsor

(00:01:27-00:01:58) – Introduction of guest

(00:01:58-00:03:20) – April’s background

(00:03:20-00:04:16) – Lynne’s background

(00:04:16-00:04:58) – Digibuild history

(00:04:58-00:07:07) – What does digibuild do?

(00:07:07-00:08:27) – Meet the Drapers

(00:08:27-00:09:23) – Digibuild and Blockchain

(00:09:23-00:09:53) – Digibuild expanding globally?

(00:09:53-00:11:04) – Are US-based companies expanding to UK?

(00:11:04-00:13:29) – Do we have cutting-edge construction technology?

(00:13:29-00:14:36) – Procore

(00:14:36-00:16:48) – Lynne’s relationship with Digibuild, April, and EL sea

(00:16:48-00:19:25) – Worldchain

(00:19:25-00:24:45) – Tips for attracting gen z to construction

(00:24:45-00:27:16) – Is the general trend of construction interesting for young people?

(00:27:16-00:30:31) – Diversity in Construction

(00:30:31-00:32:24) – Experience from other industries that can be applied in construction

(00:32:24-00:33:06) – Advice about switching industry to construction

(00:33:06-00:36:09) – Charity (construction rocks dmv)

(00:36:09-00:37:19) – Mental health in construction

(00:37:19-00:42:54) – ESG sustainability

(00:42:54-00:45:34) – Advice for someone who is about to launch a construction tech startup

(00:45:34-00:47:34) – Cancel Culture

(00:47:34-00:51:14) – Books

(00:51:14-00:54:00) – How to maintain balance in life?

(00:54:00-00:57:28) – What do you want to do in construction or technology if you want unlimited resources

(00:57:28-00:58:16) – 3 pieces of advice for young people

(00:58:16-00:58:34) Outro


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