#024 – Nick Decker – Go To Market, Marketing & Sales In Construction Tech


Where and how do you focus when it comes to launching your construction tech to the market?

Today on Bricks & Bytes, alongside Nick Decker of Egnyte – we discuss go-to-market strategies, marketing and sales in construction technology

Tune in to learn:

  • Nick’s rise from estimator to high level marketing positions
  • Go To Market strategies
  • KPI’s & Metrics contech companies should be tracking
  • Implementation


Nick Decker Construction Industry – Egnyte.

Lead – Construction Market


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(0:00:00-00:01:46) – Intro & sponsor

(00:01:46-00:04:35) – Key lessons

(00:04:35-00:06:29) – Why did Nick switch fields?

(00:06:29-00:10:57) – How would a startup determine their go to market strategy?

(00:10:57-00:13:59) – Founder’s vision

(00:13:59-00:16:11) – Bad examples in construction and why we need new people?

(00:16:11-00:17:59) – Social platform for a startup

(00:17:59-00:20:45) – What is Egnyte?

(00:20:45-00:22:34) – Who are Egnyte’s customers?

(00:22:34-00:23:36) – Expansion of Egynte

(00:23:36-00:24:36) – Views on customer success

(00:24:36-00:27:55) – KPI’s and metrics

(00:27:55-00:29:20) – Customer acquisition

(00:29:20-00:32:41) – Risk management

(00:32:41-00:34:15) – Does Egnyte work for designers or contractors?

(00:34:15-00:36:10) – Best tip for implementing construction tech solutions

(00:36:10-00:36:54) – Hobbies

(00:36:54-00:38:39) – How many times have you visited UK?

(00:38:39-00:38:58) – More about Nick

(00:38:58-00:39:16) – Outro


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