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Bricks & Bytes Podcast

#026 – Alex Walzer – All Things Innovation In Construction


How do we gamify the construction industry?

On today’s show we have someone who has interesting and incredible ideas for the future of the construction – Alex Walzer.

Alex is currently a Doctoral Researcher for Entrepreneurship for Digital Fabrication and Robotics in Construction

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Future innovations in the construction industry
  • How gamification can make construction more fun and engaging
  • Open innovation as a way to help you find new and better ways to build things
  • Failure – an important part of learning and innovation


Alex Walzer – Into Construction Tech

Doctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich


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(00:00:00-00:00:17) – Intro

(00:00:17-00:01:43) – How Alex reached where he is now?

(00:01:43-00:02:32) – Research

(00:02:32-00:03:31) – How do you stay focused?

(00:03:31-00:04:34) – What is worth your time from internet?

(00:04:34-00:05:33) – Strategies that can help who is embarking into construction

(00:05:33-00:06:22) – Favorite subject in contech

(00:06:22-00:07:18) – Implementation of robotics

(00:07:18-00:07:44) – Transition into robots in construction

(00:07:44-00:10:29) – Game

(00:10:29-00:12:00) – Energy

(00:12:00-00:15:04) – VC landscape in robotics

(00:15:04-00:18:12) – Contech in the moment

(00:18:12-00:19:04) – Digital fabrication

(00:19:04-00:20:03) – How digital fabrication is different?

(00:20:03-00:22:59) – What excites you in contech

(00:22:59-00:23:30) – How do we get there?

(00:23:30-00:26:18) – Consulting business and how it provides values?

(00:26:18-00:30:50) – Role of education

(00:30:50-00:33:28) – Where did you take your inspiration from?

(00:33:28-00:34:25) – Books

(00:34:25-00:36:08) – If you have unlimited budget where you would spend it>

(00:36:08-00:37:19) – More about Alex

(00:37:19-00:37:36) – Outro

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