#027 – Jefferson Sanchez – Accelerating revenue for house remodellers


On today’s show we have Jefferson Sanchez – Co-Founder & COO of Revonate.

In this episode we deep dive into:

  • Revenue acceleration for house remodellers
  • Web3
  • AI
  • Platform revolution in construction.

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Jefferson SanchezCo-Founder & COO of Revonate.


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(00:00:00-00:01:12) – Intro

(00:01:12-00:01:54) – Sponsor

(00:01:54-00:03:21) – Jefferson’s journey to creating Revonate

(00:03:21-00:05:20) – Being a migrant and starting business

(00:05:20-00:09:13) – Key lessons learned from the failure of previous company

(00:09:13-00:10:29) – Introducing Revonate

(00:10:29-00:14:33) – AI powered construction contract

(00:14:33-00:17:13) – AI’s impact on construction in the future

(00:17:13-00:19:00) – Building trust layer in AI/ML technologies

(00:19:00-00:20:01) – Explaining Archidao

(00:20:01-00:24:04) – Use of blockchain in technology

(00:24:04-00:25:05) – Founding Revonate

(00:25:05-00:26:46) – Taking outside investments

(00:26:46-00:28:58) – Current economic situation and its impact on the future of construction tech world

(00:28:58-00:29:35) – Is Revonate designed only for the US market?

(00:29:33-00:31:16) – Jefferson’s marketing tactics

(00:31:16-00:34:46) – Work-life balance

(00:34:46-00:35:51) – Book recommendation

(00:35:51-00:36:20) – More about Jefferson

(00:36:20-00:36:38) – Outro

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