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Bricks & Bytes Podcast

#043 – Adria Tarrida – Advancing Sustainability in Construction through Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)


We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Adria Tarrida, Co-Founder and CEO of HESTI, on our Bricks and Bytes podcast. Adria discussed Advancing Sustainability in Construction through Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Here are some of the highlights from the episode:

– Implement a problem-centric, rather than solution-focused approach.

– Adopt a purpose-driven mindset for both positive impact and financial success.

– Understand your target audience by applying the ‘Mom’s Test’.

– Continuously iterate and involve customers to develop effective solutions.

– Learn from other industries in order to innovate.

– Discern the challenges of MMC adoption.

– Build trust with customers through structural warranties.

– Explore crowdfunding as a potential source of funding.

– Stay curious, continue to learn, and connect with people.

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Adria Tarrida, Co-Founder and CEO of HESTI


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