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#044 – Justin Saeheng – Lessons in Adaptation: Translating Rapid Evolution from Big Tech to Construction Tech


In this episode, we had Justin Saehang, a Construction Tech Startup Advisor and Founder of Almansor Group, sharing insights on the differences between Big tech and Construction tech. He provided valuable advice for startups in construction, from product management to scaling teams. A must-listen for those driving innovation in the industry.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  1. Justin’s diverse career showcases curiosity and a love for learning.
  2. Construction tech faces challenges due to slow adoption.
  3. Big tech’s execution benefits construction companies.
  4. Demographics and leadership influence tech adoption in construction.
  5. Data analysis drives improvements in the construction industry.
  6. Understanding the field deeply is essential for building successful construction products.
  7. Flexibility and feedback-driven adjustments are key to building effective products.


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Justin Saeheng, Construction Tech & Industrial Start-up Advisor – Almansor Group 


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