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September 22, 2023

#057 – Rohan Jawali – How LLMs And AI Will Shape the Next Decade Of Construction Tech

#057 - Rohan Jawali - How LLMs And AI Will Shape the Next Decade Of Construction Tech

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes, we have Rohan Jawali, the Co-Founder of

In this episode, we learn about the key lessons Rohan learned while building an AI-based startup, the significance and capabilities of LLMs in construction, how to write better prompts, and much more!

Tune in to find out about:

  • How LLM’s will change construction
  • How to write better prompts
  • Limits and the future of LLMs
  • The key areas that LLM’s disrupt

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Rohan Jawali | Co-Founder of | ConTech


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(0:00-3:28) – Intro

(4:40-8:05) – Key lessons Rohan learnt while growing

(8:05-13:19) – Introduction to

(13:19-17:30) – What are LLMs and why they are useful

(17:30-20:40) – How LLMs are changing construction drawings

(20:40-25:01) – Why Rohan prefers LLMs

(25:01-29:00) – Importance of prompting

(29:00-32:40) – Use of AI for Drawings In Construction

(32:40-35:25) – Limits of LLMs

(35:25-40:00) – Future of LLMs

(40:00-43:40) – Introduction to On Deck

(43:40-44:16) – Outro

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