#063 – James Swanston – An Ex-Army Officer’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success


In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes, we have James Swanston, the CEO and co-founder of Voyage Control and an ex-officer in the British Army.

Learn about military leadership principles applied to business and entrepreneurship, war strategies to improve decision-making, how military principles work in business, and much more!

Tune in to find out about:

  • Serving as an army officer and key lessons learned
  • Applying war principles to business decisions
  • Making long-term plans and dealing with uncertainty
  • Stress management and discipline for entrepreneurs

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James Swanston | CEO and Co-founder of Voyage Control | ConTech


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(0:00-2:59) – Intro

(2:59-6:40) – Background on military experience

(6:40-9:45) – Key lessons as an army officer

(9:45-12:01) – War principles relevant to business

(12:01-15:16) – Motivation for starting Voyage Control

(15:16-16:19) – Teamwork lessons from military

(16:19-17:09) – Principles for hiring people

(17:09-15:53) – Leadership principles

(15:53-24:00) – Decision-making process in military

(24:00-27:39) – Dealing with unexpected challenges

(27:39-29:29) – Stress management

(29:29-31:49) – Discipline lessons learnt

(31:49-40:09) – Logistics experience

(40:09-40:37) – Outro

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