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BBBC 11/05 – Matrak’s Bold Moves Into China’s Construction Industry, InfraMarket’s Dominance In India And The Future Of Construction In The East


In this conversation, Owen, Martin, and Shub discuss the Australian company Matrak, which focuses on supply chain management in the construction industry. They explore the implications of the company's recent expansion into China and the challenges of doing business in the Chinese market. They also compare Matrak to InfraMarket, a similar company in India, and discuss their different approaches and business models. The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion about favorite British cuisines.


  • Matrak is a company that provides real-time visibility and integration for supply chains in the construction industry.
  • The company recently expanded into China, despite the challenges and uncertainties of doing business in the Chinese market.
  • Matrak's pricing structure is based on a subscription model, with different tiers based on user needs.
  • InfraMarket, a similar company in India, focuses on the quality and reliability of the supply chain, but does not offer the same level of real-time visibility as Matrak.
  • Favorite British cuisines vary among the participants, with Indian food being a popular choice


00:00 Introduction and Unfortunate News

00:43 Discussion on Matrak and Supply Chain Management

08:55 Western Startups Expanding into China

09:36 Matrak and InfraMarket: Different Approaches

13:10 Matrak's Integrated Visibility System

20:21 Favorite British Cuisines

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