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BBBC 04/05 – Electrifying Real Estate, VC Choice of Clothing, Are Incubators worth it?


In this episode, we dive deep into Camion, a London-based startup that’s revolutionizing the real estate industry by helping owners and investors electrify their portfolios at scale.
With a recent €2.4 million pre-seed funding round, Camion is tackling the complex challenges of EV charging infrastructure and grid capacity constraints head-on.
Join us as we explore how this innovative company is poised to shape the future of electrification in real estate and discuss the value of startup incubators and accelerators for early-stage founders.
Show Notes:

Camion’s data-driven platform is designed to identify and equip electrification-ready properties, enabling real estate owners and investors to build out charging networks for their portfolios and tenants.
Europe needs to invest a staggering €450-500 billion in its transmission and distribution grids to accommodate the rise of renewables and increased demand from electric vehicles.
Camion is streamlining the complex relationships between landlords, renters, grid operators, hardware providers, and financiers to facilitate efficient deployment of EV charging infrastructure.
The Camion team boasts diverse expertise, with backgrounds spanning Tesla, grid operations, and CBRE, positioning them well to address the multifaceted challenges in this space.
Tailwinds for Camion’s business include strong political will for electrification and projections that power demand will double by 2050.
The hosts also discuss the value of startup incubators and accelerators, exploring when they can be beneficial for founders and when they might not offer the best deals.

Tune in for valuable insights on the cutting-edge of real estate electrification and navigating the early stages of building a startup in the construction tech space.
00:00 Introduction and Background
02:45 Camion: Electrifying Real Estate
08:03 Increasing Property Value with EV Charging
10:48 Simplifying the Complex Process of EV Charging Infrastructure

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