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March 26, 2024

OpenSpace Is Changing Construction Documentation Forever | 25 Billion Sq. Ft. Captured in 3D | Jeevan Kalanithi CEO, Openspace

OpenSpace Is Changing Construction Documentation Forever | 25 Billion Sq. Ft. Captured in 3D | Jeevan Kalanithi CEO, Openspace

Show Notes

Imagine having every inch of your job site documented in 3D and available on your fingertip.

In today's episode, we sit down and talk to Jeevan Kalanithi – a Stanford and MIT graduate and CEO of OpenSpace.

Join us as Jeevan shares his fascinating journey from studying at Stanford and MIT to launching hardware startups to founding OpenSpace.

He explains how his user-friendly reality-capture technology is transforming a document-centric industry by giving architects and builders unprecedented visibility into their job sites through updated 3D visuals.

Tune in and learn how:

  • OpenSpace catalogued over 25 billion square feet of visual job site data
  • Visual record allows problems to be resolved virtually instead of reworking the physical world, reducing rework and labour costs
  • Project stakeholders can instantly align on issues by virtually stepping into current job site conditions instead of puzzling over descriptions
  • As construction data becomes immersive and visual, new AI-powered insights and capabilities become possible

And a lot more …

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(00:00:00-00:07:10) Intro

(00:07:10-00:12:00) REality Capture In Construction

(00:12:00-00:25:40) About OpenSpace

(00:25:40-00:29:10) Cost Reduction Due To Reality Capture

(00:29:10-00:44:50) How To Grow A Business From 0

(00:44:50-00:45:57) Outro

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