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The $2 Billion Playbook For Driving Innovation | Todd Wynne – CIO, Rogers O Brien


Construction is not looking  for innovation. It’s solutions like this they’re chasing with millions. 

Join us for an exciting episode with Todd Wynne, Co-Founder of Project Atlas and the Chief Innovation Officer at Rogers O'Brien Construction – as he reveals the secrets behind success in construction innovation. Get a clear picture and see why some construction innovations work while most do not. This is a pivotal episode for innovators, venture capitalists, and construction business owners. 

Join Wynne as he takes us through his entrepreneurial journey with Project Atlas, a mapping technology acquired by Bluebeam in 2018 after years of passion, perseverance and pitfalls. Discover what companies like Autodesk and Procore are looking for when considering acquisitions – and why innovation needs a framework to be successful in construction. 

Key takeaways:

  • The “Better Way” philosophy: How to instil a mindset of continuous improvement within your organisation
  • The Optima framework: A strategic approach to innovating and implementing new technologies
  • Management strategies: Tactics for overcoming resistance and driving successful adoption
  • Insights into the construction tech landscape: Expert guidance on navigating the evolving market and identifying the right solutions for your business.
  • Lessons from a successful acquisition: Hear firsthand how Wynne's entrepreneurial journey with Project Atlas led to a major industry acquisition.

And much more. 


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(00:00:00-00:02:15) Intro

(00:02:15-00:06:41) About Project Atlas

(00:06:41-00:08:03) How Todd Found His Co-Founder

(00:08:03-00:23:18) Defining Innovation And Steps To Implement It

(00:23:18-00:34:40) Todd's OPTIMA Framework

(00:34:40-00:44:05) Questions To Be Asked Before Making A Big Decision

(00:44:05-00:51:18) How To Tackle Cost While Implementing Technology In Construction

(00:51:18-00:54:40) Head Count vs Revenue

(00:54:40-01:05:27) Story Behind Project Atlas

(01:05:27-01:11:34) Keep Building vs Selling

(01:11:34-01:12:39) Outro

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