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Todd Wynne – Rogers-O’Brien Construction – Q&A

Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer at Rogers O'Brien Construction project information management

This Q&A is taken from the full podcast episode we recorded with Todd.

Q: What role does mindset play in innovation?

A: Mindset and attitude precede everything when it comes to innovation. It’s essential to cultivate curiosity, courage, diversity of perspective, and a fun, light-hearted approach. These inputs help create an innovative culture within an organization.

Q: What is the OPTIMA framework, and how does it help with innovation?

A: The OPTIMA framework is an acronym that stands for Objective, People, Targeted Outcomes, Integrated Processes, Modern Tools, and Accurate Measurement. This framework helps organisations prioritise and focus their innovation efforts by ensuring that they have a clear objective, the right people, targeted outcomes, integrated processes, modern tools, and accurate measurement in place.

Q: How should technology impact the construction industry?

A: Technology should be deflationary for the industry, driving costs down. However, software costs have been rising due to an abundance of point solutions. It’s essential to focus on solutions that integrate well with existing systems and processes to maximise the benefits of technology.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in implementing new technology in construction?

A: Changing people’s habits is the biggest challenge in implementing new technology. Rather than trying to change people directly, focus on shaping the environment to encourage change. This approach can help facilitate the adoption of new technologies and processes.

Q: What was the goal of Project Atlas?

A: Project Atlas aimed to organise information the way construction projects are built, using maps and location-based data instead of traditional folder structures. By providing a more intuitive and context-aware way to access project information, Project Atlas sought to streamline processes and improve efficiency in the construction industry.

Q: What do companies look for when considering acquiring a startup?

A: Companies looking to acquire startups evaluate how quickly they can integrate the new technology into their existing stack and start generating sales. Startups that build their technology to easily plug into the acquiring company’s existing systems have a better chance of being acquired.

Q: Advice for those looking to drive innovation in the construction industry

A: Todd advises staying curious, looking at experiences with a different mindset, and always being open to learning and discovering better ways of doing things. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the problems and challenges faced by the industry and focusing on developing solutions that address those issues effectively.

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