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VC Billions to Startup Gold: Celebrating 2 Years

Think construction tech, think robots laying bricks, AI designing your dream home, and a whole industry turned on its head. We’re not just talking about this stuff – it’s happening. And we’re bringing you the inside scoop from the masterminds behind the Billions – and those Venture Capitalists who’re sniffing a fortune. This is the podcast that brings it all to you. And we’re celebrating 2 years by taking you behind the scenes. 

Picture this: two young lads from London with their own construction businesses, itching to bring a taste of tech to their corner of the industry.  That’s our story. Frustrated with the vintage, stubborn ways of the construction industry, we wanted to explore new horizons and talk to people ‘smarter than us’. Soon it became obvious, there were things we didn’t know. 

At first, we felt a bit like explorers hacking our way through the Amazon wilderness – we knew there was something exciting out there, we just had to find it.

Thus the Bricks and Bytes podcast was born. A chance to sit down with the brilliant minds, the forward-thinking ones who are pushing the boundaries of how construction can and should work.  It started with a chat, a few wobbles in the first recording (there might have been a whole re-take… or two), and, lo and behold, we haven’t shut up since.


From Beans to Billions

Over the last couple of years, we’ve nattered with a whole host of clever cookies – from investors with brains the size of planets to plucky startup founders spinning their ideas into gold. But now, we’re getting laser-focused. 

Over the last two years, one of the things we’ve learned is that we’re particularly drawn to the high-stakes world of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and the ambitious startups that fuel their fire. These guys and gals (yes girls are leading the charge) understand how a spark of an idea, backed with the right cash and smarts, can bring a shift in paradigm. 

The whole construction industry is like a closed,  tradition-bound institution. Change is last on the list. It’s worked well for centuries – so, why  reinvent the wheel? 

But venture capitalists and startups smell a change on the horizon – driven by tech and powered by AI. The stakes are high. There are risks, but rewards are bigger. [In our podcasts], we talk to the dragons, we hear about the fortune , the hustle, and the thrill of building something new, and the promise to reshape the construction landscape. 

The Masterminds

Patric Hellermann

Over the last couple of years we’ve met a number of genius masterminds – like Patric Hellerman, General Partner at Foundamental who revealed the promise of £30 Billion. 

Now we’re diving deeper, asking tougher questions, and digging into the nitty-gritty of what makes these bigwigs tick. 

Quick pause to ask YOU a question. 

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A Word on Construction Tech

Funny thing about construction tech is, no one can agree on what it actually is. Those clever clogs in suits love to split it into countless ‘verticals’ –  think VR, robots, all that fancy stuff. The fact is, these categories are always shifting and evolving, much like the industry itself.  That’s why we love to talk it out with the big brains – everyone brings a slightly different slant.

What Floats Your Boat?

If we were to ask you point-blank what construction innovation would you like us to feature on ‘Bricks and Bytes’, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below. 

Martin’s  a sucker for the human side of tech. He imagines a tool that could talk to him, do the design, and possibly the entire renovation for him 😀 But, why not? We’re seeing that the power of the new language models make anything possible. 

Me (Owen)? I’m all about the robots. Give me a bricky bot and I’m a happy geezer.  Maybe one day we’ll see them on every construction site, who knows? The truth is, whether it’s AI assistants taking the tedium out of plans, or metal marvels doing the heavy lifting, the construction industry is in for a wild ride.  


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