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Construction Tech PR – What Are ConTech PR Best Practices?

Introduction In the dynamic world of construction technology (ConTech) startups, securing funding is a crucial milestone. Naturally, founders want to celebrate and publicize these achievements to build credibility and momentum. However, the decision to engage in PR around funding rounds should be approached with thoughtfulness and nuance. This article explores

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#046 – Will Synnott – Transcript

Do you think that is a personal bias in that we’re very much in this? Yeah, we are. We will. And I, you know, myself included, um, and everyone, all my competitors, but also everyone in construction technology in is in a, in a bubble. I do try my best to kind of step outside of the bubble and try to listen to the other sides. What is up everyone. And thanks for tuning into another episode of the bricks

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#045 – Christoph Betz – Transcript

Do you think that based on your experience, when a company implements innovation, how do they do it and do they do it in the right way? Is there anything that people usually miss when they implement innovation? I think it’s unfair to everyone out there that’s trying to improve their business to overgeneralize this and trying not to say yes or no to this question. In principle, there is a phenomenon in construction that makes innovation a bit more

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#044 – Justin Saehang – Transcript

You know, we have such a fragmented industry that the data being collected is really hard to ensure that we have like the right data, the timely data and things change so much because like even data at one point may not actually truly reflect data today. So example could be that we have this mechanical contractor. they were like not that great, but actually they kind of changed their whole staff and now they are great. So the data

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