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Construction Tech PR – What Are ConTech PR Best Practices?

Introduction In the dynamic world of construction technology (ConTech) startups, securing funding is a crucial milestone. Naturally, founders want to celebrate and publicize these achievements to build credibility and momentum. However, the decision to engage in PR around funding rounds should be approached with thoughtfulness and nuance. This article explores

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#40 – Ken Semler – Transcript

So my family does mostly electrical construction and I was the first guy, actually I’m a, leaving out a certified public accountant also, that’s my official training. But on the side, as I was at the treasury department in Citibank, I would do basically rehab remodels and flips or rehab remodel and rent. And so I would just do that. And then there was a class of home called a manufactured home here that they had kind of the financial

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#39 – Daniel Leech – Transcript

you just get to a point where your brain can’t take anymore. The construction industry pretty much day to day is a battle. It’s a battle to get work, it’s a battle to get paid, it’s a battle to get information, it’s a battle to make sure that your team are supported and are in a good place, mentally and physically. Hello everybody and welcome to the Bricks and Bytes podcast, your go-to for all things construction and property technology.

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#38 – Vlad Opanashuk – Transcript

Ideas don’t really matter. What matters is the team, and how quickly you can move. If you have a team that the investors believe is capable of building something like that, it doesn’t matter what ideas they come up with. And actually, in fact, what they say is most teams pivot, so they change their ideas after they launch. And after they talk to the customers, they actually understand the reality of the industry, the reality of their customers. I

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