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BBBC 13/04 – Europe’s Hottest Startup, Retrofitting, PR Best Practice & Nonsense

With ageing housing stock and increasing environmental targets, retrofitting emerges as a critical solution. In this episode, Patric, Owen & Martin dissect the challenges and opportunities inherent in this...

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Can Hypar’s Advanced Algorithm Take Over Architects? | Design Automation w/ Anthony Hauck

Can an advanced algorithm replace human architects someday? In this mind-bending episode, we sit down with Anthony Hauck, CEO of Hypar, for a fascinating conversation on the future of...

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The Underdog Story of Construction’s Hottest Startup

What would you risk to pursue your dream? For Tom Deane, it meant everything – even if it meant putting in his last penny to go all-in on a...

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BBBC 06/04/24 – Okibo’s $7.85M Funding, Construction Labor Shortages and Robotics Revolution

Okibo, a groundbreaking robotics company, has recently secured $7.85 million in equity funding. Their innovative product—a drywall finishing and painting robot—guided by AI and sensors, offers a transformative solution...

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Journey From Carpentry to ConTech CEO That Raised $13.6 Million | Fraser Patterson

How do you go from dusty job sites to a Silicon Valley boardroom? In this episode, we meet Fraser Patterson – Founder and CEO at Skillit, a New York...

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Alternative Materials and Affordable Homes. Touching Net Zero | Paul Richards – Founder, GURBuild

Can homes be both energy-efficient and affordable? One visionary is changing the way we know homes. In this episode, we sit down with industry trailblazer Paul Richards – the...

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