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BBBC 04/05 – Electrifying Real Estate, VC Choice of Clothing, Are Incubators worth it?

In this episode, we dive deep into Camion, a London-based startup that’s revolutionizing the real estate industry by helping owners and investors electrify their portfolios at scale. With a...

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Seven Principles: The Bedrock Of Success In Construction Industry | Henry Nutt III

Discover what it really takes .. to build the business you want. In this episode, we sit down with Henry Nutt III, a leader challenging the status quo in...

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UNCUT: Big Money. Big Tech. Rags To Riches – Construction’s Digital Dawn | April Roundup w/ Owen & Martin

Ready for a no-holds-barred look at the high-stakes world of construction tech? Join Owen and Martin for their unfiltered April roundup. We're turning the spotlight on million-dollar deals, underdog...

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BBBC 27/04/24 – Incoming IPO, $3.5bn Raised, Pointless Conversations and 2024 Business Draft

In this episode of Bricks & Bytes Broadcast, Patric, Owen, and Martin explore the remarkable $3.5 billion funding journey of EquipmentShare, a construction tech company that's modernizing the industry....

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Rise Of The Digital Revolution. Construction’s New Business Models And Code

Get ready to rethink construction. Industry expert reveals the tectonic shifts happening beneath construction’s surface. And shows how you can capitalise it. Olivier Lepinoy, Director of Business Development at...

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Breaking the Ceiling: Success Strategies in Construction Business | Shawn Van Dyke

The #1 Decision You Will Ever Make In Construction Business. In this episode, business coach, author, and founder of Built To Build Shawn Van Dyke talks about the core...

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