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Mohamed Adel – Bird Construction – Q&A

This Q&A is taken from the full podcast episode we recorded with Mohamed.

Q: What are the key factors for successfully implementing digital programs in construction?

A: Successfully implementing digital programs in construction requires careful planning and execution. The software and tools must be easy to use, especially for workers on site, or adoption will suffer. They also need to be thoughtfully integrated into existing processes and workflows, rather than haphazardly added on top. Focusing on fundamental activities like model creation and short-term scheduling helps build a solid foundation.

Shifting the cultural mindset from 2D drawings to 3D digital models is one of the most significant changes needed. Project teams need to embrace collaborating and working in a model-centric environment instead of relying on traditional 2D plans. While this transition can be challenging, it’s essential for achieving the full benefits of digitalization in the construction industry.

Q: How can technology providers best sell their solutions to general contractors?

A: To successfully sell to general contractors, technology providers should take a measured approach. Start with an intake meeting to honestly assess fit with current needs. If there is potential, arrange discussions with various stakeholders to get a complete picture of requirements. Propose a free pilot project to demonstrate confidence. Get the pricing model right, avoiding unreasonable fees based on project value. A hybrid of enterprise licensing and construction volume may work best. Don’t let investor pressure drive prohibitively high prices that limit adoption.

Q: How can digital construction drive sustainability?

A: Digital construction can drive sustainability in a few key ways. First, by tracking embodied carbon in 3D models submitted for permit approvals and centralizing this data with municipalities from the start, project teams can optimize designs to minimize emissions. Additionally, providing energy modeling services to clients allows them to preview efficiency gains from various design options and make informed decisions. Having this capability in-house, as Bird does, streamlines the process.

Q: What advice do you have for traditional construction roles like project managers looking to shift into digital construction?

A: For construction professionals looking to transition into digital construction, embracing change is key. Don’t be intimidated by technology; with the right attitude, it can be learned. Be open to new processes and tools, even if there is some initial resistance. Provide constructive feedback to improve digital solutions rather than dismissing them outright, as small tweaks can often make them workable. The combination of deep domain knowledge and a willingness to gain technological exposure is highly valuable. Companies at the forefront of digital transformation, like Bird, are actively seeking experienced project managers and superintendents to join them on this journey.

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