January 20, 2023

#022 – Will Synnott – Solving one of the key construction tech issues… IMPLEMENTATION!

#022 - Will Synnott - Solving one of the key construction tech issues... IMPLEMENTATION!

Show Notes

“Sales is hard, Buying is harder… Implementation is hardest” … from the great man Will Synnott himself.

Today on Bricks & Bytes, we discuss the implementation of construction technology.

Tune in to learn:

  • Implementation best techniques
  • The importance of one’s digital persona in today’s age
  • Progress tracking and legal issues using Disperse’s software
  • The importance of being on site and in front of your customers


Will Synnott
Engineer Turned Construction Technology Consultant 🏗 📊 | Director of Strategic Accounts at Disperse | Chartered Geologist | ConTech


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(0:00:00-00:02:02) – Intro & sponsor

(00:02:02-00:05:27) – History of Will Synnott

(00:05:27-00:08:44) – Transition into another industry

(00:08:44-00:11:08) – What is the importance of digital identity at this time?

(00:11:08-00:17:25) – The implementation of construction tech on site

(00:17:25-00:21:27) – What is Disperse?

(00:21:27-00:26:04) – Benefits of using Disperse

(00:26:04-00:28:48) – How Disperse data is useful?

(00:28:48-00:30:28) – What type of project Disperse is interested in?

(00:30:28-00:33:50) – Compliance

(00:33:50-00:37:16) – Progress tracking and lawsuits

(00:37:16-00:38:16) – Books

(00:38:16-00:39:57) – Hobbies

(00:39:57-00:40:24) – More about Will

(00:40:24-00:40:41) – Outro


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