March 17, 2023

#030 – Stephen Poppe – ConTech Advising & Implementation At General/Main Contractors

#030 - Stephen Poppe - ConTech Advising & Implementation At General/Main Contractors

Show Notes

Why do construction (tech) companies fail?

On today’s podcast, we have Stephen Poppe, ConTech Advisor and Customer Success Leader.

Stephen is currently the Manager for Research & Development at HITT Contracting and Executive Partner at Blue Collar Capital

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Where people go wrong with construction tech & why companies fail
  • Considerations when investing in construction tech companies
  • Implementation and strategies for Main Contractors
  • Stephen’s terrible taste in football (soccer) team


Stephen Poppe

R&D | Contech Advisor | Customer Success Leader | Construction Professional | Lean Practitioner(ish)


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(00:00:00-00:01:57) – Intro and Sponsor

(00:01:57-00:04:13) – Why did Stephen choose Contech?

(00:04:13-00:06:02) – What are people not getting right with technology?

(00:06:02-00:07:55) – Should construction companies focus on the management process?

(00:07:55-00:10:34) – Why does a company fail in Contech?

(00:10:34-00:12:43) – What is the lean startup methodology?

(00:12:43-00:14:08) – What is important when investing in a company as a capital allocator?

(00:14:08-00:16:55) – What are the initial problems that a startup face?

(00:16:55-00:18:23) – What is HITT?

(00:18:23-00:21:28) – Labor shortage

(00:21:28-00:22:42) – Is there something else that we should focus on except technology?

(00:22:42-00:24:23) – Future of tech

(00:24:23-00:27:38) – How can we get the basics right?

(00:27:38-00:31:17) – Trends in construction tech

(00:31:17-00:33:49) – VC doesn’t like 100-million-dollar ideas?

(00:33:49-00:35:48) – Book recommendations

(00:35:48-00:36:37) – Hobbies

(00:36:37-00:36:51) – More about Stephen

(00:36:51-00:37:09) – Outro

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