April 14, 2023

#034 – Eveart Foster – Bridging Innovation and Integration, and Constructing The Future

#034 - Eveart Foster - Bridging Innovation and Integration, and Constructing The Future

Show Notes

Innovation and Integration, Construction Tech & The Future.

On today's podcast, we have construction tech expert Eveart Foster.

Eveart is currently the Subject Matter Expert at Autodesk, following an exciting past in design, product management and technology adoption.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who you *should* be selling to as a company in construction tech
  • The transformational potential of generative AI in construction
  • Gamification, and what it means for future generations
  • The future of AutoDesk Construction Cloud


Eveart Foster Integrations Subject Matter Expert at Autodesk | President of Associates Board at WITS


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(0:00:00-0:01:07) – Intro

(0:01:07-0:10:31) – Exploring the Journey of Eva's Digital Transformation in Construction Technology”

(0:10:31-0:14:55) – The people who use Alterdesk have to pay?

(0:14:55-0:17:37) – How does technology adoption has changed and how the future looks like?

(0:17:37-0:24:07) – What are the challenges that business face?

(0:24:07-0:35:15) – Improvement and driving of technology

(0:35:15-0:39:39) – What happens if you don't change your technology?

(0:39:39-0:43:30) – What is construction acquisition?

(0:43:30-0:53:24) – How conversational AI will help in 10 to 15 years?

(0:53:24-0:56:22) – How to stay curious?

(0:56:22-0:56:40) – Outro

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