August 18, 2023

#052 – Josh Levy – From Construction to Contracts : How Document Crunch is Improving Contracts

#052 - Josh Levy - From Construction to Contracts : How Document Crunch is Improving Contracts

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes we have Josh Levy, CEO of Document Crunch. We discuss the importance of building a strong team culture, contracts in the construction industry, maintaining work-life balance as a CEO and many more!

Tune in to find out about:

  • Key factors in building a team within your business,

  • Common Issues with construction contracts,

  • How to sell software in construction industry,

  • Interview techniques when hiring,

  • Challenges of being a CEO,

  • Learning and improvement culture in early stage startups.

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Josh Levy  | CEO of Document Crunch | ConTech


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(0:00:00-0:14:00) – Intro

(0:14:00-0:18:15) – Difficulties in complying with every construction contract procedure

(0:18:15-0:20:20) – Common issues with construction contracts

(0:20:20-0:28:38) – Experience selling software to the construction industry

(0:28:38-0:30:25) – Key factors in building the team at Document Crunch

(0:30:25-0:34:30) – Interview techniques when hiring

(0:34:30-0:43:35) – Challenges of being a CEO

(0:43:35-0:44:39) – Outro

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