September 15, 2023

#056 – Kyle Nitchen – The Influential Project Manager – How Construction Project Managers Adopt Technology

#056 - Kyle Nitchen - The Influential Project Manager - How Construction Project Managers Adopt Technology

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes, we have Kyle Nitchen, the Influential Project Manager.

In this episode, we learn about what makes a great project manager and why/how construction project managers like Kyle adopt technology on their sites.

Tune in to find out about:

  • What make a great project manager
  • Pain points on site that technology can solve
  • The importance of soft skills
  • What makes great leaders
  • Ways to improve content and writing skills

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Kyle Nitchen | The Influential Project Manager | ConTech


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(0:00-3:17) – Intro

(3:17-5:03) – Kyle's Exceptional Project Management Process

(5:03-7:00) – Qualities for Becoming an Influential Product Manager like Kyle

(7:00-17:30) – The Vital Role of Soft Skills

(17:30-21:00) – Unaddressed Challenges in the Construction Industry

(21:00-24:30) – Trends Shaping Offsite Construction

(24:30-31:18) – The Shrinking Workforce in Construction

(31:18-34:30) – Leading with Purpose and Vision

(34:30-38:20) – Enhancing Your Writing Abilities

(38:20) – Outro

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