December 22, 2023

#073 – Sarah Crawley – How Husband-Wife Duo Is Running A $1.7 Million Funded Construction Tech Company

#073 - Sarah Crawley - How Husband-Wife Duo Is Running A $1.7 Million Funded Construction Tech Company

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes, we have Sarah Crawley, Co-Founder of SymTerra 

 In this episode, we learn about the importance of networking, starting a tech business from scratch with just an idea,  tips for raising funds for your startup, and much more!

Tune in to find out about:

  • The importance of establishing trust and strong relationships in the construction sector, where daily challenges are a norm.

  • The critical role of patience and respectful persistence in navigating the sales process in the construction industry.

  • How angel investors decide to fund startups, focusing on the importance of a good founding team, their story, and what makes their startup special.

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Sarah Crawley | Co-Founder of SymTerra


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(00:00:00 – 00:08:35) – Intro

(00:08:35 – 00:12:15) – About Synterra

(00:12:15 – 00:15:06) – How to start a company from an idea 

(00:15:06 – 00:20:56) – How to manage people to build tech as a Non-Tech Founder

(00:20:56 – 00:26:20) – Tips for someone looking to raise fund for their startup

(00:26:20 – 00:29:53) – Outro

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