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BBBC 06/04/24 – Okibo’s $7.85M Funding, Construction Labor Shortages and Robotics Revolution


Okibo, a groundbreaking robotics company, has recently secured $7.85 million in equity funding. Their innovative product—a drywall finishing and painting robot—guided by AI and sensors, offers a transformative solution to address the persistent labor shortage and enhance efficiency in construction projects.

In this episode, we explore how robotics are reshaping the construction landscape and how Okibo's service-oriented approach to selling painting services, rather than the robots themselves, is revolutionizing industry norms.

We delve into the significance of partnerships and subcontractor models in scaling robotics ventures within construction, highlighting how these collaborations are essential for widespread adoption and implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Okibo secures $7.85 million in equity funding for their AI-guided drywall finishing and painting robot.
  • Robotics offer a solution to the labor shortage crisis in construction while enhancing project efficiency.
  • Partnerships and subcontractor models play a pivotal role in scaling robotics ventures within the construction industry.
  • The funding landscape for robotics in construction is growing steadily, signaling significant potential for innovation.
  • The future of robotics in construction lies in specialized product and software companies focusing on controlled environments and highly repeatable motions.

Companies Mentioned:


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:05 Addressing the Labor Shortage in Construction

08:05 Scaling Robotics Companies through Subcontractor Models

13:46 The Future of Robotics in Construction

25:18 The Use Cases of Robotics in Construction

29:55 The Nuances of Funding Rounds in Venture Capital

31:11 Wrap-up and Personal Reflections

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