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BBBC 20/04/2024 – Secret Sauce of SaaS Pricing Trends, Alrik’s Software & ONX’s off-site Innovations


It's great to watch how Alrik and ONX Homes are innovating within the logistics (Alrik) and prefabricated home building (ONX Homes).

In this episode, we sat with Patric and had an in-depth discussion about Alrik, a pioneering construction tech company known for its sophisticated software solutions that monitor and supervise fleet activities.

We also discussed about ONX Homes, a trailblazer in the South Florida housing market, utilizing precast concrete wall slabs to revolutionize single-family home construction.

Wrapping up, Patric told us about various pricing models for software as a service (SaaS) in the construction sector, examining how companies can effectively monetize their offerings while providing value to their clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alrik offers software for supervising and monitoring fleet activity in the construction sector, aiming to improve productivity and sustainability.
  • The intersection of logistics and construction tech is crucial for optimizing construction through efficient supply chains.
  • Having a background in construction or logistics can provide valuable insights and connections when building a construction tech startup.
  • ONX Homes is a single-family home building company in South Florida that uses precast concrete elements to build homes.
  • Pricing models for software as a service in the construction industry often involve annual or monthly subscriptions, token models, or hybrid models based on features, usage, or seats.


00:00 Alrik: Optimizing Fleet Activity in Construction

05:43 The Intersection of Logistics and Construction Tech

09:33 ONX Homes: Innovating with Precast Concrete

13:11 The Importance of Background in Construction Tech Startups

Companies Mentioned:

  • Alrik
  • ONX Homes

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