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March 1, 2024

How To Build A Unicorn In Construction Tech – Patric Hellermann

How To Build A Unicorn In Construction Tech - Patric Hellermann

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we have Patric Hellermann, General Partner at the largest global early stage investor in construction technology – Foundamental.

Patric explains the 30bn opportunity in construction tech, the past and future models of unicorns, and how VC in the world of construction operates.

Tune in to find out about:

  • How VC funding in construction tech is defying the recession-hit VC ecosystem, showcasing opportunity and resilience unlike other sectors
  • The existing and future models of unicorn construction tech startups
  • What shapes the VC world in construction; from exceptional investors through to founder-fit, and what happens when a company begins to fail
  • Patric’s favorite investors and his way of staying creative while managing a career in VC


Patric Hellermann | General Partner at Foundamental


This episode is brought to you by Shft—helping contractors like you leverage BIM to secure a leading position in the race towards construction’s digital future.



(00:00:00-00:03:18) Intro

(00:03:18-00:06:32) How to Create a Venture Capital Company

(00:06:32-00:40:22) Funding Statistics in Construction

(00:40:22-01:07:57) Unicorns in Construction Tech

(01:07:57-01:11:17) Difference Between Private Equity and Early Stage VC

(01:11:17-01:15:59) How the Due Diligence Process Looks Like

(01:15:59-01:22:39) Differences in VCs in Construction and Other Industries

(01:22:39-01:42:07) Audience's Questions

(01:42:07-01:42:52) Outro

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