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Rise Of The Digital Revolution. Construction’s New Business Models And Code


Get ready to rethink construction. Industry expert reveals the tectonic shifts happening beneath construction’s surface. And shows how you can capitalise it.

Olivier Lepinoy, Director of Business Development at Vinci, esteemed Autodesk alum, and Hyper Construction think tank founder, explains why an “invisible revolution” is taking the industry by storm.

Listen to him as he exposes the stark divide between companies “playing defence” through operational efficiencies and those boldly “playing offence” by reinventing their revenue models. Plus, take a peek at futuristic hybrid models” leveraging digital platforms and data-centric roles like originators, aggregators, and consumers.

From venture capitals to cross-industry investors, explore the innovative ways leading construction giants are diversifying into new markets and services.

Key Takeaways

  • Why “defence-only” (cost-cutting and efficiency) isn't enough for sustained success in construction
  • How companies are fearlessly reshaping their business models for the digital era
  • The rise of venture capital funds, tech acquisitions, and surprising partnerships in the AEC space
  • The “hybrid model” where traditional construction meets digital platforms and data-driven innovation

And a lot more.


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(00:00:00-00:02:18) Intro

(00:02:18-00:05:40) Why Business Models And Not Technology

(00:05:40-00:14:56) Case Studies of Business Models

(00:14:56-00:31:25) Business Models in Construction

(00:31:25-00:39:10) Companies In Construction vs Companies in other sectors

(00:39:10-00:41:20) Olivier's Favourite Business Model

(00:41:20-00:43:04) Outro

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