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UNCUT: Big Money. Big Tech. Rags To Riches – Construction’s Digital Dawn | April Roundup w/ Owen & Martin


Ready for a no-holds-barred look at the high-stakes world of construction tech? Join Owen and Martin for their unfiltered April roundup.

We're turning the spotlight on million-dollar deals, underdog wins, robot bricklayers, and all the industry buzz. Plus, get the inside track with our new “Bricks, Bytes & Broadcast” format featuring investor Patric Hellerman.

Never miss a beat.

Key takeaways from 9 action-packed episodes:

  • Profit-first secrets from real estate heavyweight Shawn Van Dyke (and what's the big deal with the “toothpaste theory”?)
  • Master the fundraising game – learn the art of the pitch
  • East vs. West: Startup pitch strategies clash across continents
  • Could robots be building your next home? We explore the future of automation
  • Multi-billion pound digital transformation at Canary Wharf
  • Get inspired by leaders like Foster + Partners (and their in-house digital tools)

And a lot more ..


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